The Swiss based Bakels Group has established its own fully integrated business for flour and bakery ingredients at Bühler premises in Kenya and offers ingredient solutions with a strong technical team who has vast expertise in the milling and bakery sectors.

The international Bakels group with over 100 years of history with a global footprint and the different competence centers with extensive expertise and global supply chain is in a position to offer a broad product portfolio and professional services with Bakels East Africa Limited in Kenya. The services will be offered in collaboration with the African Milling School in Nairobi for the East African market.

Bakels East Africa Limited under the leadership of Mr. Eric Muraguri with a local team of application experts and a commercial division is active on the ground with a portfolio of flour and bakery ingredients solutions.

“Our goal is to be a technically based company, whose objective is to assist our customers, we develop and produce ingredient solutions for the Kenyan market and create a sustainable impact by meeting the key trends in the market.”

We do this by presenting new concepts and ingredients to millers and bakers with the target to add value with superior product quality and improve efficiency says Eric Muraguri who worked in the milling and in the food processing industry and has strong background with food fortifications programs.

Eric Muraguri, General Manager Bakels East Africa

Category: Flour Ingredients and Fortification Solutions

We offer Flour Ingredients and Fortification Solutions the flour millers in Kenya source almost 90% of their wheat globally and they keep on switching from one country to another as the availability and cost counts. The millers target is to produce a consistent flour quality with excellent performance for different applications. In order to create value it is outmost important to support millers with flour ingredients and bakery application expertise and ingredient solutions. Bakels East Africa has local expertise in place to serve the millers and bakers with their solutions like the Flour Correctors SBF FlourZyme® for Bakers Flour.

Bakels offers Food Fortification solution and consulting services to fortify wheat flour and maize at the mills according to the local standards with high quality.